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FAQs: Programs on Probation

What Does It Mean When a Program is on Probation?

Is a program on probation still accredited by the JRCNMT?
Yes, the program is still accredited. 

Why would a program be placed on probation?
A program may be placed on probation if it’s determined that it is not in compliance with JRCNMT accreditation standards.  Compliance issues may be with a significant number of standards or just a few that directly impact the quality of student education.  A program may also be placed on probation if it has been unsuccessful in addressing areas of non-compliance in the allotted time period. 

How does a program get probation removed and how long does it take?
Adjustments to the program must be made that address the areas of noncompliance, then the program must clearly explain and demonstrate to the JRCNMT that it is now in compliance with the cited standards.  Programs typically have one year to address probation issues, though they may be given up to two years if the issues are complex and require more time to address. If the issues of non-compliance have not been successfully addressed after two consecutive years on probation, the JRCNMT will withdraw the program’s accreditation unless there are significant extenuating circumstances. 

Will employment opportunities be impacted if I graduate from a program on probation?
No.  A program on probation is accredited so graduates are eligible to take the NMTCB and ARRT national certification exams and obtain a state license.             

Should I enroll in a program that is on probation?   
This is an individual decision. But it’s important to investigate the situation around the program’s probationary accreditation first.  By reviewing the program’s entry in the online JRCNMT Directory of Programs, you can read the most recent accreditation letter to the program.  It explains the accreditation standards the program was cited for as being in noncompliance.  The letter also identifies when the program was placed on probation and the timeline it was given to demonstrate compliance.

Will I be impacted if accreditation is withdrawn from my program before I graduate?
There are potential implications related to your ability to complete the program and sit for national certification exams.  You should contact the JRCNMT for additional information specific to your individual situation.