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Graduate Achievement Data

Graduate Achievement Data from JRCNMT-Accredited Programs

The purpose of providing the graduate achievement data of accredited nuclear medicine technology programs is to make the data for all programs readily available to the public in a consistent format. The data is collected and reported by programs following specific guidelines identified by the JRCNMT that are detailed below. The data is reviewed and accepted by the JRCNMT before publication. 

The JRCNMT has completed verification of achievement data from the 2022 Annual Report process. This data is self-reported by nuclear medicine technology programs to the JRCNMT and reflects aggregate data from each program for the period being reported.  The data collected and posted in 2023 is for graduates from 2020 through 2022. 

Download Graduate Achievement Data by Program 2020-2022


Refer to the definitions below for more information regarding the abbreviations and information displayed in the linked graduate achievement report.

Graduation Rate

Defined as the number of students formally enrolled in the nuclear medicine technology program* who graduated from the program during the designated time period after completing all programmatic and graduation requirements, calculated as a percentage of the total number of students initially enrolled in the class.

*Programmatic enrollment begins when a student begins the first nuclear medicine technology course (non-survey, non-prerequisite) that is available only to students matriculated in the nuclear medicine technology program. 

Certification Exam Success

This information is reported to the JRCNMT by submission of an official examinee data report from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certification Board (NMTCB) . Success is defined as the pass rate for all first-time examinees who graduated during the designated time frame.

Pass rate is the number of first-time examinees on both exams who graduated during the designated period that pass the exam calculated as the percentage of the total number of first-time examinees on both exams who graduated during the designated period that took the exam.

Certification exam data for a particular year is not revised to include graduates that took one or both exams after the designated reporting period ends.

Job Placement

Job placement indicates graduate employment status at six months post-graduation from a nuclear medicine technology program. The percentage on the data table is the percentage of total graduates that are working as a nuclear medicine technologist, diagnostic CT technologist or technologist working in both imaging areas in a full-time, part-time or per-diem position at six months post-graduation. 

All non-public information generated or received by the JRCNMT that relates to a program’s accreditation status, including but not limited to accreditation letters, survey reports and progress reports, is confidential and will not be released unless authorized by the program or required by law.