Student Resources

Female studentIf you are interested in becoming a nuclear medicine technologist you've come to the right place! Attending school is an important investment in your future.  Career success depends upon several factors but an important one is the quality of your education. Accreditation is recognized as an indicator of program quality.

JRCNMT is the only nationally-recognized organization that conducts peer-evaluations of nuclear medicine technology educational programs in the U.S. to ensure they meet recognized national standards for both classroom and clinical education quality.  Programs that 'pass' such evalutions receive accreditation from the JRCNMT. Accreditation assessments are conducted at periodic intervals to ensure programs continue to meet accreditation standards. Find A Program will allow you to locate accredited programs in a particular state and check a program's accreditation status.

As a prospective or current nuclear medicine technology student you may have additional questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Students page.