Observation Rotations & Field Trips

To address questions raised by programs, the JRCNMT has formalized definitions of observation rotations and clinical field trips. 

An observation rotation is an activity:

  • in which each student participates no more than one time
  • that is limited to no more than one day in length per student
  • that enhances, but does not substitute for, a program’s accredited clinical education program
  • in which student activity is limited to observation

If a program wishes to utilize a facility for longer student rotations or plans to allow students to scan and/or process patient studies then the facility must be recognized as a clinical affiliate and an affiliation agreement is necessary for the appropriate legal protections. 

A field trip is:

  • a one-time group visit to a facility
  • supervised by program faculty
  • a few hours in length

Beginning with 2019 self-studies, programs will be asked to identify facilities and provide objectives for any observation rotations and/or field trips incorporated into the program.  Data, such as that collected for regular clinical affiliates, will not be requested for these facilities.