Revised Affiliate Application

The application to add a new affiliate, whether in a self-study or between accreditation reviews, has been updated.  All affiliate applications submitted on July 1, 2018 and later must utilize the new forms.  Highlights of the changes:

  • The opening Summary Form allows a program to indicate all the types of imaging conducted at the affiliate rather than being limited to one choice from a menu.
  • Proof of an affiliate's external quality assurance (i.e. Joint Commission, IAC or ACR accreditation) is no longer requested.
  • The Equipment Form has been revised to a landscape format with a greater variety of imaging instruments listed.
  • Some procedures were removed from the Procedure Form and newer therapeutic agents added.  The radiopharmacy table on page 2 requests less information.
  • The Capacity Form now requires a signature from the Affiliate Education Supervisor acknowledging the student capacity being requested for the facility.
  • The format of the narrative questions and the content of some of them have been revised.

Please contact the office if you have any questions about the preparation of a new affiliate application.  Also do not forget to email or call the office to request an invoice for the application fee prior to submission of the application.  Applications cannot be reviewed until the fee has been received by the JRCNMT.