New Self-Study Document

The revised self-study document reflecting the new accreditation standards is available on the JRCNMT website under the Program Resources heading.  It's important that programs review the document and related forms now to understand and accommodate the new program assessment and documentation expectations. These expectations have immediate implications for administration and record-keeping in all programs.

Though the self-study is very similar to the previous version, there are a few notable changes:

  • Each standard has a dedicated page that includes the full text of the standard.  Beneath the standard are the questions requiring a narrative response followed by a list of the JRCNMT forms and/or external documents that must be appended as supporting evidence.
  • The library form listing recently purchased books and journals relevant to the program has been eliminated.  A list, generated by the program or library staff, must now be available for the site visit.
  • There are several new forms for documenting various aspects of the annual program assessment process.  These forms are in Word so programs can expand/reduce them to fit specific needs. 
  • Additional external documents are requested as evidence for compliance for specific standards.

Should you have any questions about the new self-study please contact the office for assistance.