Policy Updates

Notification was sent to all program directors a few weeks ago about the procedural change made in the evaluation of new affiliate applications.  The JRCNMT Policy and Procedure Manual has been updated to reflect the new process.  The policies identified below were modified as indicated.

2.500 On-Site Evaluation for Initial and Continued Accreditation
References to affiliates added by telephone evaluation have been removed but it is important to note that affiliates added between accreditation reviews will still be visited at the next on-site evaluation. 

3.200 Application to Add an Affiliate
The explanation of the telephone evaluation process has been removed.

3.300 Evaluation of a Major Affiliate Candidate
This policy was deleted.  Explanation of the review of the affiliate application is included in policy 3.200. 

A separate and important update was made to 4.100 Integrity in the Accreditation Process.  This policy has been expanded to provide greater detail and guidance on integrity requirements in program operation.  The updated policy is located on the JRCNMT website in the Program Resources section.

These policies are effective immediately.