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March 2019 Headlines

Assessment Webinar

A webinar addressing the JRCNMT’s new assessment documentation forms will be held on Thursday, April 11th at 3:00 pm Eastern.  Joe Hawkins, an experienced program director and member of the JRCNMT board of directors, will conduct the presentation.  It will be recorded and posted to the JRCNMT website for those unable to attend.

Please RSVP by email to the JRCNMT no later than Monday, April 8th at noon Eastern if you plan to attend the live webinar.  Log-in details will be provided after the RSVP is received.  Participant seats are limited so we ask that each program make only one reservation.  If more than one faculty member at a program wishes to attend the webinar participants should be in one location to view the presentation using a single log-in.

JRCNMT Directory of Programs

Last week several changes were made to the information included in the directory of accredited programs on the JRCNMT website.  More information on each program’s accreditation cycle and status, including whether it’s on probation or has conditions, has been added.  Each directory listing also has a link to the most recent accreditation action report in which the program was reviewed.  The accreditation action reports have been and will continue to be posted on the website within 30 days after each JRCNMT meeting.  They have moved from the News section of the website to their own area titled JRCNMT Actions, which is a link on the main web page.

The JRCNMT made these changes to meet new recognition criteria released by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the agency that recognizes (accredits) the JRCNMT.  One focus of the new criteria is greater transparency of accreditation information for the public.  The JRCNMT must submit a progress report to CHEA addressing changes made to the online directory and several other revised criteria by April 30th.   Further revisions or additions to the directory may be required in the future.  

Affiliate Applications

Please contact the JRCNMT by email to request an invoice for the affiliate application fee prior to submitting an application.  You are encouraged to make the invoice request when you first begin work on the application.  While we recognize that it’s not possible to coordinate application and fee submission to occur on the same day, the JRCNMT will no longer hold affiliate applications for months until payment is received. 

The JRCNMT will also no longer accept and hold incomplete affiliate applications.  If an application is incomplete please hold the application until all required documents can be included (this includes affiliation agreements awaiting signatures).