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January 2019 Headlines

New Standards Compliance Report

On March 1 programs will be emailed information and documentation for a New Standards Compliance Report.  Programs scheduled to submit a self-study or mid-cycle report this year will not receive the email since the report they are already scheduled to submit contains all items in the New Standards Compliance Report.  The due date for the New Standards Compliance Report is July 1, 2019. 

Diagnostic CT Rotations

Currently the JRCNMT is tracking facilities providing clinical diagnostic CT education if the education is occurring within the accredited nuclear medicine technology program.  If a program has added a diagnostic CT rotation, it typically fits one of these two categories:

A. A facility that is already a recognized affiliate for the program because it provides clinical education in nuclear medicine.

B. A facility that is not a recognized affiliate but has been added to provide only diagnostic CT education.

If your nuclear medicine program includes diagnostic CT education it must be reported to the JRCNMT if it has not been reported previously.  Diagnostic CT facilities will not be included in the affiliate count to determine accreditation fees – it is simply for JRCNMT tracking purposes to determine whether and how programs are addressing clinical education in diagnostic CT.

To report this information to the JRCNMT you should submit the affiliate name and the name and credentials of the AES in the CT area if the facility falls in the A category defined above.  If you utilize a facility in the B category the JRCNMT needs to know the name and address of the facility, the name and credentials of the AES in the CT area and you must submit a copy of the affiliation agreement between the educational institution and the clinical facility.  An agreement/contract is necessary for the legal protection of the program and students. 

Programs are asked to provide this information to the JRCNMT by email no later than March 1, 2019

Affiliate Applications

Programs are reminded to ensure they provide complete, detailed responses to each narrative question when submitting an application for a new affiliate.  When responses lack sufficient detail the application review process stops until the program provides more information, which may extend the length of the approval process.

Save the Date

The JRCNMT will give its annual update during the Educators’ Forum on Saturday, June 22 at the SNMMI Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California.  The Society will have details on its website soon.  The JRCNMT session will run from 2:15 to 3:00 pm.  We hope to see you in California!