End of Minor Affiliate Classification

On July 1, 2018 the category of minor affiliate will no longer exist.  At that time the affiliate categories recognized by the JRCNMT will include only clinical affiliate and academic affiliate. 

Programs with minor affiliates should evaluate the usage of these facilities soon and determine whether to retain them as affiliates or delete them from the program's roster. Programs may convert minor affiliates to the regular affiliate category now or prior to the July deadline. 

Upon conversion there will no longer be an 80-hour rotation limit at the facility and students can complete clinical competencies there.  If you would like this expanded usage of current minor affiliates for the spring 2018 semester please contact the JRCNMT office by December 15th.  

Additional Details:

  • No fee will be charged to convert minor affiliates
  • A full affiliate application is not required to convert a minor affiliate

If a program chooses to retain the 'arranged' student capacity, an email request is all that is necessary to complete the minor affiliate conversion process.  This may be appropriate when a program does not want to increase its overall student clinical capacity or if the affiliate is a valuable education site but does not perform at least 1300* procedures per year to merit a regular student capacity.

If a program wants to change the student capacity from 'arranged' to a regular number, submission of the equipment form, procedure data form and staffing form from the affiliate application packet is necessary.  A facility must perform at least 1300 procedures per year to obtain a regular student capacity*.

*The 1300 procedures/year minimum does not apply to affiliates that only provide PET/CT education.