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The JRCNMT began accrediting nuclear medicine technology programs in 1970. Click on a state to find active accredited nuclear medicine technology programs; darker shaded states do not have any accredited programs. 

Over the years programs close or withdraw from the accreditation process. Download the list of such programs with the years of their accreditation. (rev 2/2019) 

Research Medical Center School

2316 East Meyer Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64132
(816) 276-9570
[email protected]
Program Director: Jennifer Miles, MS, RT(N), CNMT
Month Class Begins: September
Program Capacity: 5
Awards: Certificate
Initial Accreditation: 6/14/1975
Next Review: 2025
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Saint Louis University

3437 Caroline Street
St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 977-8592
[email protected]
Program Director: Crystal Botkin, MPH, CNMT, PET
Month Class Begins: August
Program Capacity: 18
Awards: Baccalaureate
Initial Accreditation: 6/22/1972
Next Review: 2021
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University of Missouri

605 Lewis Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 874-9689
[email protected]
Program Director: Jeff Galen, MEd, CNMT
Month Class Begins: August
Program Capacity: 20
Awards: Baccalaureate
Initial Accreditation: 4/14/1977
Next Review: 2020
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Standards &

Find the criteria a nuclear medicine technology program must meet to be accredited, and access the guide to help Program Directors through the entire accreditation process.


Forms to download, complete and submit to notify the JRCNMT of changes to an accredited nuclear medicine technology program and its clinical affiliates. 


Find the instructions and required forms needed to prepare and submit a self-study to the JRCNMT for accreditation. 

Application Forms

Submit an application to add new major, minor or academic affiliates to your program between regular reaccreditation cycles.


Find guides to help understand frequently misinterpreted, new or recently revised accreditation standards.


Download a copy of the current program fee schedule for all JRCNMT accreditation processes. 

Updates &

Access updates and presentations from recent forums, meetings or other events.