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The JRCNMT began accrediting nuclear medicine technology programs in 1970. Click on a state to find active accredited nuclear medicine technology programs; darker shaded states do not have any accredited programs. 

Over the years programs close or withdraw from the accreditation process. Download the list of such programs with the years of their accreditation. (rev 5/31/2022) 

University of Alabama at Birmingham

1716 9th Ave, SHPB 446
Birmingham, AL 35294

Program Director
Amy Brady, MAEd, CNMT
(205) 934-3427

Program Start: August
Student Capacity: 18
Awards: Masters

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Initial Accreditation: 6/23/1973
Most Recent JRCNMT Action: Oct 2017
Accreditation Status: Accredited
Accreditation Stipulations: None

Last Site Visit: July 2017
Next Site Visit: 2024