CT Standards for Public Comment

In fall 2019, the JRCNMT began developing standards for diagnostic CT education to be incorporated into the current accreditation standards for nuclear medicine technology programs.  This action was taken in response to growing interest in, and perceived need for, multi-modality trained technologists.  At this time, the JRCNMT is seeking public comment on the proposed standards.

The draft standards and a comment form are linked below.  All comments must be emailed to the JRCNMT by January 15, 2021 using the subject line "CT Standards" and must be submitted using the comment form.  Only content in the draft standards in yellow shading is open for comment.

Which Programs Must Meet the New Standards?
Programs that include didactic and clinical education sufficient for students to sit for diagnostic CT certification exams upon graduation will be evaluated using the additional requirements in yellow shading. Accreditation decisions for programs subject to these additional requirements will be based on the totality of the standards (both NMT and CT standards). Accreditation will not be granted for only the NMT portion of programs that are subject to the additional CT requirements.

The JRCNMT will not provide accreditation of diagnostic CT education independent of a nuclear medicine technology program. The additional requirements do not apply to programs providing education in diagnostic CT less than that required for a student to sit for the certification exams upon graduation. Further, nuclear medicine technology programs without diagnostic CT content are not required to add the content to meet the additional CT standards.